Tuition Scholarships

We want every qualified camper to attend the ranch. A more diverse group creates a richer experience.


How Scholarships Work

We make every attempt to keep the cost of our program affordable. The tuition rate is calculated to just cover actual program expenses (staff salaries, food, insurance, vehicles, gas, and other maintenance and program costs), and is much lower per day than comparable programs. This is not a profit-making venture. However, we understand that the tuition is a big chunk of cash to invest for any family, and out of reach for some.

In an effort to accept all qualified campers with interest in attending the ranch, we provide some needs-based scholarships to help offset the tuition cost. One of our primary objectives in fundraising each year is coming up with sufficient funds to offer these scholarships. Enabling kids from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to participate in our program enriches the experience for all involved. If you can afford to help another camper with tuition, please consider making a donation.

How to Apply for Scholarships

The way to apply for financial assistance is to complete registration for the program. There is a question on the registration form asking, “Will you require a needs based scholarship?” Answering “yes” to this opens up a few additional questions to help us determine eligibility.

When requesting a scholarship please keep in mind that we wish to use limited funds to help as many kids as possible to afford the ranch. We ask that you calculate how much you can afford to pay, even if it is simply what it would cost to feed your child, if they were to remain at home during the duration of a camp session (18 days).

We will do our best to find a scholarship to make up the difference. We do offer a few full-tuition scholarships if there is a need. You will still need to set up a payment plan before you can submit your registration in Active Network, so if you need additional assistance, please contact us for help.