Packing list

Unplug from devices and prepare to get dirty (in a good way).


Things to bring: (link to PDF below)

● Sleeping bag with stuff sack (we recommend sleeping bag is rated to about 30 degrees) and backpacking pad

● An old blanket, old sheet, pillow, and pillow case (sleeping pad will be provided)

● Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, medication, and other toiletries

● Temperatures at Birch Creek range from cool evenings and nights to hot days; clothes should accommodate a range of temperatures.

○ Work clothes (including sturdy hiking shoes/boots, one long-sleeved shirt, pants, and well-fitting leather gloves)

○ Play clothes (shorts, swimsuit, and running shoes)

○ Backpacking clothes (good socks, pants/shorts other than jeans)

○ Sunday clothes for church (for those interested)

● Hat

● Sunscreen and insect repellent

● Raingear (poncho)

● Small flashlight or headlamp

● Warm jacket or fleece

● Laundry bag

● Towel

● At least one 32oz plastic water bottle

● Well-fitting backpack for overnight hikes (we have some loner packs upon request)

● $40-60 cash (drinks, snacks, drive-in movie)

Optional Items:

● Pair of sandals for water activities and hikes (chacos, tevas, etc.)

● Beanie and leggings/track pants for cold nights on backpacking trips

● Camelbak or other kind of bladder for backpacking trips

● Small light daypack for carrying water, lunch, and sunscreen on occasional day hikes

● Sunglasses (not expensive)

● Small hammock (eno, grand trunk, etc.)

● Stationery, pen, and postage stamps (PO Box 423, Spring City, UT 84662)

● White cotton shirt for tie-dye

● Materials for personal hobbies - hemp bracelets, drawing materials, musical instrument, books, etc (we organize many crafts and activities and supply the materials, but often campers like to have materials for their own hobbies during down time)

● Snacks

● Bandana

Parents, please note:

● Many things get lost and/or end up in the lost & found at the Ranch, so please label everything, don’t send anything too expensive or valuable to lose or get really dirty, and remind your camper to check our lost & found regularly.

● Campers will have their laundry done once a week, so please pack clothes (especially socks and underwear) to last them accordingly.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT bring cell phones or other electronic devices.

The mission of the ranch includes overcoming homesickness and other challenges, unplugging from devices and screens, and learning to appreciate work and play outdoors, as well as interactions with others in the community, unmitigated by technological devices. Campers will have the opportunity to call home every week using counselors’ phones and campers are encouraged to write letters home. In the case of emergencies, we make exceptions to the phone guidelines. If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please let us know.


Wide range of climates—even in summer
Birch Creek elevation is 6100ft, so days are hot and nights are cool. We will be on mountain tops and in desert canyons where it ranges from cool and rainy to hot and dry, so please pack accordingly.